If your dog has struggled with handling and grooming in the past, or you want to start your new dog on the right paw with positive relationships, we're the place for you.

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What sets us apart


We use positive reinforcement and desensitizing to make your dog's experience positive.

Case management

We keep notes on every appointment to track behavioural and health changes.

Continued education

Our staff are continually learning about behaviour and nutrition to stay up with the latest science.

Wholistic advice

We get to know you and your dog so we can make helpful suggestions from a diet switch that may be beneficial, to a new toy that we think they'd love.

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Positive handling, holistic care.

Our Grooming Services

First Visit (20 min) - $40

We’ll go at your dog’s pace, for the first trim this may even mean not getting to all the nails; our goal is to create a positive experience for everyone so that your dog is comfortable coming back for maintenance trims. We will also chat with you about nutrition and dental health. Report card provided.

Nail Trim (10 min) - $30

Our hero product, this nail trim includes two employees and treats, as well as a top notch nail trim.

Brush Out (20 min) - $60

Whether your dog is blowing their coat or has a few too many stubborn mats, we'll do our best to get them looking as new.

Ear Clean (10 min) - $20

We gently remove wax and hair to keep those ears feeling fresh. We can apply cleaning solution if necessary.

Basic Trim (10 min) - $20

We offer face trims, paw hair trims, and sanitary trims.

A La Carte

Add on a service to your nail trim:

  • Brush out
  • Ear clean
  • Face clean-up
  • Paw hair clean-up
  • Sanitary clean-up
  • Mat removal

Grand Opening

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Massage is an integral part of holistic care, both for humans and pets. It has been proven to reduce pain and muscle tension, which are common in older pets and breeds prone to hip and back problems, as well as very active dogs.

Long term benefits

Relieving muscle tension not only feels good in the moment, it can prevent long-term injuries from arising. 


$45 for 30 min session $85 for 1 hr session

Diet Support

If your dog is fussy or overly sensitive, we can help. Itchy skin, consistent bowel issues, and excess ear and eye discharge are all common signs of food intolerance. The following tests can help narrow down what to avoid. Each scan comes with a complimentary meal plan and 20 minute consultation:

Nutriscan Food Sensitivity

Dr. Jean Dodd has developed a saliva test that will determine the level of intolerance to 24 commonly ingested foods by dogs and cats. In 2-4 weeks, you will have your results. The test is easy. Simply fast your dog for 12 hours, and make sure they don't drink for 2 hours before coming in. We will help you get the saliva sample, and send it off for you. When the results come in, we will sit down with you to work out a diet change specially designed for your pet!

Diet Consultation

Book time to sit down with Tanya or Kat to speak about diet.