Gnaw Shop Bully Stick Singles
Gnaw Shop Bully Stick Singles

Gnaw Shop Bully Stick Singles

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  • MADE IN CANADA: 100% Alberta beef is locally sourced and packaged in Canada.
  • All Natural: These bully sticks come in different sizes (between 5-16″) and thickness
  • PERFECT FOR SMALL/MEDIUM BREEDS: Our premium regular bully sticks are the ideal size for dogs and puppies in this range. Also great for dental health as daily chewing will help clean teeth and strengthen jaw muscles.
  • SINGLE INGREDIENT: Our long-lasting all-natural bully sticks are free of additives, preservatives, or chemicals.
  • QUALITY: Our products are sourced from human-grade animals through CFIA inspected facilities. These premium dog treats are packed with nutrients and vitamins good for all breeds.
  • SAFE: Bully sticks are easily digestible and won’t chip and break unlike Rawhide which is often criticized for its choking hazard dangers from broken pieces
  • Your dog will be in flavor heaven enjoying our delicious chew sticks.