LivStrong Olive Leaf Powder

LivStrong Olive Leaf Powder

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Olive Leaf has been shown to be a powerful antifungal.  It has been shown to help keep the balance between fungi and bacterium in the body of dogs and cats when yeast takes over.  Bacteria and yeast play an important role in the body of our pets, and when one of them is too high a lot of problems can happen.  One common problem that can occur when yeast takes over the pet’s body is a condition called Yeast Candida.  Olive leaf powder has been shown to help this condition. 

Veterinary Health Product:  NN.K0K9

100g / 3.5oz - recyclable black jar with a spoon

Ingredients:  Olive Leaf

Nutrient Facts

For more information: click the link: The Power of Plant:  The Humble Olive Leaf

Feeding Guides

Recommended Dosage:

Give Orally

<9.07kg / 20lbs                                  ¼ tsp daily

9.07-31.8kg / 20-70lbs                    ½ tsp daily

>31.8kg / 70lbs                                  1 tsp daily