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Yum Diggity Whole Deer Antler

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Yum Diggity is a natural line of treats that is based on the concept that Mother Nature knows best, “simple is better”. All of our treats come from top quality sources and are a healthy alternative to highly processed treats.
We bring them to you either in their original state or naturally dried, using no chemical preservatives or additives during the drying process.
Yum Diggity Antlers are naturally shed from deer and elk and re-grow every year, so no animals are harmed or harassed in the process of collecting them. 
Antlers are high in calcium, phosphorus and proteins which make them healthy treats while preventing tartar build-up. 
As with any treat, it is recommended to supervise your pet while chewing. Antlers can potentially become a choking hazard when they are chewed down too small, or on rare occasions antlers can break or splinter.