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Building Your Dog's First Aid Kit

person hiking in Howe sound with their two australian shepherd dogs

Summer is here and that means lots of fun adventures outside! Many of us come prepared with our own first aid kit, but if your dog is joining you, they have a few special considerations. You can buy a pre-made Pet First Aid Kit, or you can upgrade your human kit by adding a few dog-specific items.

We’ll share the full list of items, make sure you’re bringing these with you on any hikes or trips where medical assistance won’t be easily accessible. Even having a “pocket kit” while you make your trip to the vet can make a big difference.

Items with a star* are included in the RC Pets Pocket Kit!

You may already have in your human first aid kit:

  • Gauze pads*
  • Gauze roll*
  • Cotton balls and cotton-tipped swabs
  • Blunt-tip scissors*
  • Saline for cleaning wounds or flushing eyes
  • Tweezers*
  • Whistle*
  • Emergency warm blanket
  • Old card to remove bee or wasp stinger 

You likely don’t have in your kit yet:

  • Vet wrap* - a stretchy gauze like material that won’t stick to their fur
  • Small booklet with basic pet first aid instructions*
  • Kwik-stop aka styptic powder. Really useful if a nail gets ripped or broken.
  • Antiseptic - Chlorhexidine - can be applied to dog’s gums as well as on wounds - but make sure you have the right concentration. Not safe for human internal use.
  • Pet-safe antibiotic ointment - Dr Maggies
  • Muzzle
    • When dogs are hurt they are likely to lash out at someone trying to touch or carry them. Protect yourself by training them to be comfortable in a muzzle, and have one on hand for emergency use.
  • Tick remover
    • You may have tweezers which also work but these are easier to use, and if you don’t have tweezers this is a must! Check out our video on how to find and remove ticks.
  • Benadryl with your dog’s dosage written on the pack. Benadryl (or diphenhydramine HCl) is used for allergic reactions as well as swelling.
    • Dosage: 2-4 mg of medication per kg, or 0.9-1.8 mg per lb. This amount can be administered two to three times daily, depending on your dog’s symptoms.
  • Emergency phone numbers: your vet, animal control, poison control

Additional nice to have items:

  • Instant ice pack 
  • Extra leash
  • Flashlight
  • Thermometer
  • Medical Gloves*


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RC Pocket First Aid Kit:

  • English & French First Aid manuals
  • 4x gauze pads
  • 1x PBT bandage
  • 1x medical adhesive tape
  • 1x stainless steel tweezers
  • 1x stainless steel scissors
  • 1x PVC medical gloves
  • 1x cohesive bandage
  • 1x triangle bandage
  • 1x whistle 

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