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Gift Guide: Support Local

This holiday season, give the gift of supporting local! Here are some of our favourite local brands:

Treats and Chews


Single ingredient treats made from all sorts of proteins, these are great to add into engagement toys as a big piece, or break off smaller pieces as a big reward during training.

Wild Bites

For dogs with allergies, or just who want to try something fun, Wild Bites makes delicious low-processed treats from novel proteins like Kangaroo, Ostrich, and Buffalo. Grab a couple "pepperoni"-style sausages as stocking stuffers, they're always a hit!

Strait to Summit

Local farms, compostable packaging, ethical sourcing, what more could you ask for? Every bag Strait to Summit treat is thoughtfully made using only high quality meats sourced from local humane farms or fisheries.

Noah's Ark

If you've bought any of our chews, chances are it was from Noah's Ark! They have a big variety of single ingredient chews your dog will love. The salmon skin chips are a best seller!

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Gear and Houseware

Furry Beads Collars

These unique collars are made from wood beads, and come in a variety of colours and patterns. Order early enough and you can even get a custom one! 

Perk Beds

Luxurious beds made of zero waste materials: garment offcuts and coffee husks.

Drinking Dog & Co Candles

Poured in Gastown, these soy wax candles smell and look great. Each candle is named for a special dog known by the makers, and a portion of sales go to charity.

RC Pets

33 years strong, this company makes quality dog gear like leashes and sweaters! They're always coming out with new patterns and styles. 

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And of course, don't forget a gift card to your favourite local pet shop!


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