Gift Guide: The Active Dog

Gift Guide

Hitting the trails or swimming in the ocean, camping or biking the seawall, these are our picks for the active dog in your life!

A Ruffwear jacket

Durable, stylish, and comfortable, these jackets are perfect for your hiking companion. Ruffwear is committed to designing for the outdoors, making them the perfect brand for an active dog (and their owner!)

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Snacks for the trail

Your dog will appreciate some high protein snacks. Go eco-conscious with rabbit or bison sticks from Indigenous-owned Shades of Grey, or local Wild Bites chips!

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Durable fetch and tug toy

Who doesn't love a good game of tug at the beach? Get a well-made and durable tug or fetch toy for extra outdoor fun.

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Outdoor themed snuggly toy

At the end of a big day, your dog can bring the outdoors home with a forest themed toy!

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For those mini-adventurers who can't run alongside you, there's the Buddyrider! Bring your buddy anywhere your two wheels can take you. Get the optional booster cushion to keep smaller dogs safe and cozy.

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