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Finding the Right Chew

Finding the Right Chew

Looking for a chew for your dog but don't know where to start? Pick the dog closest to yours and see what we recommend for them!

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Choosing the right chew for your dog depends on a few factors: their size, taste, jaw size, food allergies, and age... We've made up a few common scenarios and given examples of dogs those chews might like!


Hank the heavy chewer pitbull

Heavy chewing Hank can down a bully stick in 30 seconds with his muscly jaw.

We recommend: raw knuckle bones.

They’re the cheapest option when your dog blows through bones. He could chew so hard that he wouldn't notice pain, so avoid femurs and whole antlers which could crack a tooth.

Wood chews are a great option that are softer than antlers, or get a split one. Go for a size larger than you'd think to encourage grinding on the edges of his teeth.

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Gulper Gus the pug

Gulper Gus either can’t or won’t chew a treat fully before swallowing.

Go for large and awkward shaped chews like cow ears, knuckles, and spirally bully sticks which force him to chew them down, or pick easier to chew items like vegetable based chews.

Avoid long straight chews like regular bully sticks and necks.

For smaller dogs especially, avoid anything with bones that they could swallow whole like a duck foot or wing.


Pippin the Puppy young jack russel

Puppy Pippin is chewing everything in sight!

We recommend you try out all the types, but always be around when giving a new chew in case they try to swallow it whole.

Common favourites include dehydrated beef windpipe, lamb ears, bully sticks, gorilla chews (wood), and rope toys.

Avoid very hard chews: no antlers until they have all adult teeth, yak milk chews are quite hard too.

Limit the first chew session to 15 minutes to avoid or minimize GI upset from a new food.

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Finicky Finn the mini poodle

Finicky Finn has his preferences… we just don’t know them yet.

Try some of our most popular options: bully sticks, fish skins, and kangaroo tendons. Freeze-dried options can also be extra delicious!

Go for a smaller chew first, he may be intimidated by size. Try breaking or cutting into the chew to get him started at home.


Senior Sandra the senior yorkie

Senior Sandra doesn’t have many teeth left but we want to keep those ones clean.

Freeze-dried Vital Essentials chews are softer, palatable, and easier to digest.

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