• probiotics for oral dental health in dogs

    Probiotics for Dental Health

      Have you noticed probiotics seem to be showing up everywhere lately? Increased studies, mostly in humans, have shown the positive effects of probiotics in various functions in the body,...
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  • Product Highlight: PlaqueOff Powder

    PlaqueOff powder PlaqueOff powder supplement is an easy vet-approved method to clean your dog's teeth.It contains brown kelp (Ascophyllum nodosum) which is absorbed by the body and is clinically proven to reduce tartar and improve oral health.Kelp has...
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  • senior pet dental health tips

    Senior Dog Dental Health Tips

    How to Clean Your Senior Dog's Teeth Without Anaesthesia  Most senior dogs have some sort of dental disease, however there are challenges to dental cleanings. Often vets or owners are not...
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  • Dental Health Do's and Dont's

    You may have heard that 80% of dogs have periodontal disease by the age of two. But what does that mean and why does it matter? What is dental disease?...
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  • Dental Health Myths and Facts

    Myth: “dog-breath” is normal. Fact: A healthy mouth and digestive system should not result in bad breath. Unpleasant odours can be the result of infection within the mouth, or potentially...
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