• happy dog laying on the grass in the sun - essential summer dog gear - discover dogs

    Summer Gear Essentials For Your Dog

    Summertime has arrived! The longer days and warmer weather have us all eager to get out in the sun and enjoy more outdoor activities with our dogs. 

    Your dog deserves the best gear to stay cool, hydrated and playful this summer.

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  • are these fleas? Itchy Dog symptoms and causes

    Are these fleas?

    A GUIDE TO PREVENTION, DETECTION, AND TREATMENT OF FLEAS What are fleas? Fleas are small, hearty insects, varying from 1/16 inch to 1/8 inch in size. They are known for...
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  • probiotics for oral dental health in dogs

    Probiotics for Dental Health

      Have you noticed probiotics seem to be showing up everywhere lately? Increased studies, mostly in humans, have shown the positive effects of probiotics in various functions in the body,...
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  • Why Shop Small Business

    Why Shop Small Business

    This week we're talking Small Business! This is something we're passionate about not just because we are of course, a small business, but because we truly believe in it. Here are...
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  • Supplements for Senior Dogs

    Supplements for Senior Dogs

    As dogs age, their bodies need help keeping up with various systems. While each dog is an individual, there are a few categories that every dog will benefit from. Read...
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  • Tips for Stressful Days

    Spooky Season has arrived Do you have a plan or coping skills for your dog on potentially stressful days? Halloween can be a big issue for dogs, but this guide...
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  • Reducing Plastic Use

    This article as originally posted April 2018. We are committed to reducing our effect on the planet, and are looking to start a conversation. Earth Day is April 22nd, so...
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  • Dental Health Do's and Dont's

    You may have heard that 80% of dogs have periodontal disease by the age of two. But what does that mean and why does it matter? What is dental disease?...
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