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happy dog laying on the grass in the sun - essential summer dog gear - discover dogs

Summer Gear Essentials For Your Dog

happy dog laying on the grass in the sun - essential summer dog gear - discover dogs

Summertime has arrived! The longer days and warmer weather have us all eager to get out in the sun and enjoy more outdoor activities with our dogs. 

Your dog deserves the best gear to stay cool, hydrated and playful this summer. Here's a list of the top gear to get your dog this summer:

Beat the Heat with Cooling Products

Dogs don’t have the luxury of sweating to regulate their body temperature like humans, so it’s important to help your dog stay cool. Giving them a shady spot to shelter from the direct sun and providing plenty of water is a must, but there are several products that will help make your dog much more comfortable this summer.

At home, Cooling Mats are perfect for keeping your pup comfortable:

On the go, Cooling Vests are great for providing full-body cooling:

Cooling Bandanas and Neck Gaiters are a great, less-bulky wearable cooling product:

Water Play and Safety Products

Spending time by the pool or at the beach is one of the best summer pastimes and some dogs absolutely love swimming. Not only is this a great way for your dog to cool down, but it’s also a lot of fun!  

It’s important to keep water safety in mind this summer, especially if your dog is joining you for larger water-based adventures, like kayaking, paddle boarding, or going for a boat ride. Keep your dog safe with the Ruffwear Float Coat, a premium, fully-featured dog life jacket.

Take your fetch game to the next level with these water-safe pool toys: 

Learn more about these toys and more floating toy options here!

Doggy Sun Protection

We know how important wearing sunscreen is for humans, but just like people, dogs need sun protection too. It’s important to apply an SPF to the sensitive and more exposed areas like the ears, nose, muzzle, pink skin areas, and the entire coat of light coloured or short haired dogs. 

Our favourite doggy SPF products:

Summer Adventure Accessories

Now is the perfect time to get active outside and of course, you’ll want to bring your four-legged best friend with you! These accessories are perfect for keeping your dog safe and hydrated, wherever this summer may take you.

This bike trailer and eye protection duo are perfect for bringing your medium to small-sized dog out on your next trip:

It’s important to pack water for both you and your dog whenever you go on longer walks or hikes, or if you’re taking a day trip somewhere. These collapsible water bowls are lightweight and easy to pack, making sure your dog is hydrated throughout the day:

Keep your car protected from the mud and sand that can be tracked in after a fun-filled day with the RC Tag Along Towel. This compact towel isn't just a highly absorbent dog drying tool, it also doubles up as a car seat cover with a handy loop for securing onto your car seat. 

We hope these products will help you and your dogs to have a fun-filled, safe, and memorable summer! 

See more of our wide selection of various products to keep your dog cool and happy for the summer. 

If you are also planning on taking your dog camping this summer, check out our tips for taking your dog camping for the first time!

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