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3P Turkey Necks

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Raw, not cooked, bones are a necessary part of a raw diet. They are an important source of calcium and provide a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals. In addition, bones are a natural "toothbrush" for your pet's teeth. Dental problems can lead to organ disease, immune system issues and other serious medical conditions. Lastly, bones help dogs and cats express their anal glands by providing the natural roughage found in the diets of carnivores

Organs and bones are nutrient rich and can make excellent additions to your pet's diet. However, some organs and bones contain  very high amounts of certain nutrients that can actually be harmful to your pet if provided in too high a quantity.  Always check with your holistic veterinarian before adding organs and bones to your pet's diet.

All our bones are custom-cut in-house to ensure quality & appropriate sizing.