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PW Pet Melatonin 2oz

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What is Pet Melatonin used for?

Pet Melatonin is a supplement made just for dogs. Animal studies have shown promising results supplementing melatonin to animals for adrenal support. By supporting the adrenals to be balanced, with normal cortisol production, dog owners report normal hair growth, less stress, normal energy levels and normal appetite and urination in their dogs.

For dogs who experience anxiety for any reason (such as separation anxiety), melatonin is often the key to helping dogs maintain less stress in their day.

Pet Melatonin can also assist dogs if normal sleep patterns need to be achieved.

To recap, Pet Melatonin can help with:

  • Normal cortisol production by the adrenal glands
  • Normal hair growth
  • Regular appetite and urination
  • Anxiety from separation and less stress
  • Anxiety due to things like loud noises
  • Sleep patterns

Pet Melatonin is Formulated With:


  • Melatonin... 3 mg/ml (20 drops/ml)


    Pet Melatonin is synthetically derived. No animal gland tissue, just pure melatonin. There are also no agents used to increase or decrease absorption rate.